Subway Surfers | Subway Surfers APK For Android Android games Free Download

Subway Surfers | Subway Surfers APK For Android

Subway Surfers | Subway Surfers APK For Android

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About Subway Surfers | Subway Surfers APK For Android

Ever thought what's happening under the road you traveling on? ever walked through those darkened subways below the roads. with Spray painted walls and beautiful graffitis jake and his friends with lots of enthusiasm and fearlessness jumping all over the trains of the cities. dodging down on tunnels and running fast as they can with a heavy cop chasing them with the donut in his hands.

Subway surfers, name describes itself. Surfing around the subways. It is a neverending endless running game . just dash dodge and run for life from the fatty cop chasing you. It's the little bit similar to Imangi game's temple run but it does not require sensors in your phone, you don't have to tilt up your phone to move your character left or right, Just dash it along. Swipe through 3 different lanes jump over the obstacles or dodge down to some other obstacles. While running through the abandon railways of the city you just have to collect as many coins as possible to unlock various widgets for your avatar. like new clothes, dashing headphones, booming jetpacks, jumpy pogo stick and none other than jake's favorite the groovy skateboard. Not just jake you can choose among jake's friends. what's making it worth playing for hours? the new and daring challenges. yes, you have to complete some amazing daily challenges to get yourself been ranked up on the leaderboard. connect your endless running daring game with facebook and challenge your friends to beat up your score. So guys, its time to pull up your socks to experience the new and never ending experience of running through subways.!

How to play?

the game comes under the genre of an arcade. So exciting and easy to play. even a toddler can play beat your high score in it. it gets intense after every few miles your player run. there are very few things you need to take care about. 
Swipe up with your finger on the screen to make the jake jump, to overcome your hurdles between the train tracks and also to collect coins, the player does not jump high enough until you have super sneakers. 
Swipe your finger down to roll to pass through the low obstacles. 3.Swipe right and left to switch the lanes. 
Double tap the screen to activate your hoverboard Which helps you to collect more coins will protect you from crash
Collect glowing power-ups for boosts. There are four different powerups that you'll come across while playing:
Jetpack - Makes you fly above the train track and lets you grab additional coins.
Super Sneakers - Makes you jump higher.
Coin Magnet - You'll attract any nearby coins without having to touch them.
2x Multiplier - Doubles your current score multiplier (e.g. x4 now becomes x8).

Some helpful tips to be a true survival 

1.You will see some tracks which goes over the trains ,Choose them rather than being on ground beacause, they will help you to avoid hurdles and to collect more coins

2.Sometimes your timings doesnt get matched with your player , to be a horse of a long run jump over the small hurdles instead of rolling down, it will help you to move you player faster.

3.A hoverboard will prevent you from any crash. So for the long run it acts like elixir through your game . The time you hit the train while your are on your hoverboard , only the hoverboard will disappear not your player . Double tap your screen to activate your hoverboard 

How to get this? 

Android users can get this game from the play store, hough its iOS release took place last year, the new game by the creators of Subway Surfers wasn't previously available on Android until now. Blades of Brim is also an endless runner, but it's gorgeous aesthetics plus outstandingly refined gameplay easily make it one of the best titles within this genre. 

UPDATED ON- December 29, 2016 

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Subway Surfers | Subway Surfers APK For Android

Subway Surfers | Subway Surfers APK For Android

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