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its time to make your dream to become a cricket sensation come alive.! It's real time to show off your batting and bowling skills with real cricket, real cricket is an authentic journey to relive the life of an original cricket through a game. its great and fantastic graphics will never let you feel you are playing cricket on your device. the makers of real crickets pushed every possible effort to bring the experience of an outdoor game to inside. the game seems real as its name.

Real cricket is an authentic and surreal experience of playing cricket inside your home or everywhere. The makers of real cricket pushed every possible task to make it look more real by letting you choose among 16 major cricket teams like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. to be the part of world's most authentic experience of cricket. The gameplay of the real cricket is very intuitive and totally not a difficult task to play this game. The game holds the record of 84.k downloads and describes as the most modest and best experience so far for all the cricket fans. Just game requires some recommendations to be followed by, for playing this game which are 

- 1 GB RAM 
-. 1 GHZ processor 
- Android, OS 4.0 and above 

fulfilling these recommendations you are ready to play the game which won the hearts of many cricket fans all over.It has 2D motion captured animations which make its gameplay to look more real. there are several game modes that you can select from to show off your skills
- Diverse modes 
- Exhibition 
- T20 World Cup 
- Masters Cup 
- Knockout Cup 

How to play?

The real cricket or realistic cricket comes under the genre of sports, the makers of real cricket, to make it a worldwide sensational experience of the cricket, does not make the game go more difficult the controls are simply through a virtual joystick given on your screen. Depending on how you bowl, your opponent might be able to hit the ball, and from then on, everything is in your team's hands. They'll have to try and catch the ball or at least throw it as quickly as possible to the center of the field.The gameplay of this game is really intuitive and to make your experience better the rules are explained right before every match. here are some steps to be followed to play 


1.You can aim your bowls with the left virtual joystick and set the power with the button to the right.

2control players of your cricket team, deliver accurate hits with a bat, attack and defend, win matches. In this authentic experience of cricket, you can take your favorite team to victory in the cricket tournaments of different leagues in the seasons from 2007 and up to now. 
3. Think of the tactics to win matches. Create your own signature shot 
4. Take sportsmen on the playing field. Play tricky combinations. Defeat strong rivals from different countries. Get rewards and buy balls, bats, sports shoes and other outfit items.


How to download?

You can download the game from 9Apps store.


UPDATED ON -December 23, 2016


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Real Cricket 16

Real Cricket 16

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