Cut the Rope: Magic

Cut the Rope: Magic

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About Cut the Rope: Magic

Cute the rope is a game which is all about a cute monster who everytimes want to grab the candy but to make it happen you'll have to make few efforts and will have to play th game . after each time you make the cute monster eat the candy you pushed to a level up and that's how this game is supposed to be played.Its main aim is to recover a stolen candy from an evil monster. the gameplay and the features of the game are quite impressive. You can transform Om Nom into six magical features to help him in his different adventures, namely the bird which can fly above all obstacles and traps, the baby which is capable of squeezing into small spaces, the fish which can dive into great depths for stealing candies, the mouse that can sniff and find out stuffs with the help of their smell.

Key features:

  • A magical world with completely new graphics, sound and gameplay elements
  • 5 ways to transform Om Nom into magical creatures along his journey
  • Complex boss levels that will challenge your candy-crunching, rope-cutting skills
  • 100 all-new puzzles, with more coming soon

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Cut the Rope: Magic

Cut the Rope: Magic

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