Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Candy Crush Jelly Saga

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Crushing over some candy is the very normal thing. whosoever you are, a toddler or grown up you have an endless love for some handful of candies. talking about candies, let's hop into some super candy-licious magical town, the candy kingdom with some candy friends tiffi and MR. toffee on their sweet adventure to the town m traveling through some sweet adventures that don't hurt your teeth even! and meeting some sweet looking creatures through all out the sweet adventure. switch and match your way through hundreds of sweet levels in this candy-licious adventure. this adventure keeps getting sweeter and doesn't hurt your teeth even! 

Candy crush is a free-to-play puzzle matching game with some sweet adventures. actually, it's a saga of games to sweeten up your boring pass time. whether stuck in a long journey of the train or for waiting for the bus you can pass your time by playing this game. that means you does not require any wifi or to exhaust your data plans to play this game. once it's installed on your device you can play it offline too. to sweeten up your sweet adventure,  every day you get some challenges to be thrilled up in the game to beat. some target scoring and some other candy-modes. While mixing and matching up sweet candy collect some candy drops to progress along the Sugar Track for super sweet surprises. To keep your life enough sweet, tiffi and toffee offer you some daily spinners with some amazing sweet prizes. the time you pass level 50,  you can unlock Dreamworld and can be escaped reality cage with Odus the Owl. As going further with your sweet friends into candy kingdom unwraps some sweet and delicious environments and say hello to some more sweet friends. By mixing and matching some handful of delicious candies, you can unwrap some stripped candy rollers and bombs to hit up the big score. stay connected to facebook to match and beat the scores of your friends in this sweet adventure.Isn't it amazing tasting and unwrapping some delicious handful of candies? sweet enough! Noo, it is too much! 

How to play?

The game is by the kings and comes under the genre of casual. so sweet and easy to play. with every passing level, your journey gets sweeter.Not a difficult game to play. but the bad part is you will get the just limited amount of moves to complete a level . score up to win some more lives . just you have to mix and match the candies in the group of 3 and 4, when they will meet each other they will burst and you will win some points. The aim of the game is to come the level with 3 stars. now let's see how to earn some sweeter powerups 

1. The Wrapped candy- Matching 5 candies in a T or L shape creates a wrapped candy. Matching a wrapped candy creates a 3 by 3 box of candies. once they will burst it will help you to get more points.

2. The stripped candy - Match 4 candies in a row and create a Striped Candy that can clear an entire row or column!

3. The Color bomb - Matching 5 candies in a row creates a Color Bomb. Combining a Color Bomb with any candy of any color will clear all the candies of that color

Create Special Candies with lots of delicious combinations. You can also match special candies together for surprising effects.

1. Wrapped candy + Stripped candy 

Matching a Wrapped Candy and a Striped Candy will create one giant super candy which clears multiple rows both horizontally and vertically

how to hop in this sweet adventure?

How To Download ? 

you can download this mix and match puzzle game through 9Apps or Google Play

UPDATED ON- December 12, 2016
ANDROID REQUIRED- 2.3 and above


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Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Candy Crush Jelly Saga

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