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Version: 2.17.223

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Minimum SDK: Android 4.0




Being connected is one of the easiest tasks nowadays. There are many applications which are present in Google play which makes it easier. With revolutions and evolution in technology, app creators are giving their best to provide you with the best they can. Communication is not just an exchange of words and news, nowadays it a lot more an experience. an experience which makes everything more hassling free to use. For a hassling free and cost-free experience of communication, WhatsApp proves to be one of the most appropriate applications.



WhatsApp is real-time and hassling free messaging application which aims to bridge the gaps between the hearts and people around the world. No matter how you far you are you can stay connected to one who has to move to another country. Usually staying connected to the one who is staying seven seas away can be an expensive task. But with WhatsApp, you can share your thoughts, your news, and your feelings without worrying about the spending a lot of money. International, as well as local messaging is totally free with WhatsApp. Not just messaging, WhatsApp is a lot more than an just messaging app. With WhatsApp, you can go over an audio call with your loved ones. Whether they are sitting next to you or even seven seas away. Usually, international calls can bring holes to your pockets but with WhatsApp international calls are also free. To add a picture to all voices, you can see them and let them see you over video calls. Video calls are absolutely free with WhatsApp. To spice up your conversations, what app allows you to get access to emotions? With more than hundreds of emotions you can be expressive.GIFs are more interesting and if you found a correct gif for your words, you are a game changer. As said earlier, WhatsApp is a lot more than communicating application. With WhatsApp, you can share your pictures and videos with your friends. Not just pictures, Documents also can be shared. Listening to a song, want to share your with your friend what you are listening too.whstapp made the task an easier one. WhatsApp allows you to share audios too with your friends. In order to make a conversation quicker, you can send little voice notes to your friends. Connecting to more than a one person at a single time can be a hassling task, But not with what app. you can chat with multiple numbers of people at a single with creating groups. Going to a friend’s place without knowing the address can be a nerve breaking task. With location sharing feature, what app got your back covered. With WhatsApp location feature, you can let your friends know where you are; even you can share your live location. to bring your conversations to the big screens. WhatsApp allows you to take your whole WhatsApp to your desktop with WhatsApp. It just takes a second to login into WhatsApp web. You just have to scan a QR code. With WhatsApp, you can send a single message to a number of recipients at a single time by making a broadcast list of your friends and relatives. Setting up and interface. The hassling way login in every time whenever you need to use the application can be a nerve to break task. Remembering usernames and passwords can be difficult. With WhatsApp, you always stay logged in. WhatsApp makes you keep backups. This feature of backing up allows its users to keep a record of everything you have received and send to your friends. The WhatsApp emails the chat history to your emails. WhatsApp makes you manage vast thing over WhatsApp. You can make note of your messages whether your recipient has received your messages or they just have read your messages. when your message got to read the ticks displays the statuses. it turns blue. When your message is sent it will display single ticks and double tics when your message is delivered.


Setting up and interface.


Gone are the days where you have to remember complicated pins and usernames to chat with your friends. WhatsApp links with the contacts on your phone and makes you get started to have a conversation. The interface is super easy to use. With Well managed taps someone new can easily get access to the application. It works with your phone number. You can add your picture to your names. To make your conversations more colourful, you can add beautiful wallpaper to your chats. With setting up your profile you can add few words to your bio.


Your Privacy is in your hands with WhatsApp. You can manage who can see your personal pieces of information. You can manage who gets to see your last seen, your profile picture, about, your status and your live location. There are always few people in your life which bugs you a lot and you feel irritated. To end the connection with them you can block them straightway, and that person can't be able to message or call you anyway.


There are many ways to answer why WhatsApp is a useful application. WhatsApp is a lot more than just a messaging application. With the number of features which makes a WhatsApp a more than just a messaging an application. Here is a list of some features which makes WhatsApp a must to have experience.


  1. -No Additional Costs.
  2. -Multimedia sharing
  3. -Document sharing
  4. -Group chat
  5. -Audio Calls
  6. -Video Calls
  7. -WhatsApp web
  8. -100+ emoticons.
  9. -GIFS
  10. -No international charges
  11. -No complicated pins and usernames.
  12. -Manageable privacy Settings
  13. -Always logged in
  14. -Connect with your contacts
  15. -Live location sharing
  16. -Chat Backups
  17. -Block annoying people
  18. -Broadcast messaging.
  19. - chat Wallpaper
  20. -ticks displaying status of messages
  21. -Last seen
  22. -Profile pictures and bios
  23. -Voice Clips
  24. -Capture videos and Pictures.

How to download

  1. Download the apk file of WhatsApp.
  2. - After downloading, with help of file manager, access your desired location.
  3. -Open and install file
  4. -after installation, Experience the new way of messaging

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