UC News : Trending News

UC News : Trending News

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About UC News : Trending News


UC News is an android application which is a part of UC Web Services founded by Ali Group of companies. It is a platform which allows users to read news from 100+ Media Houses around the world, and brings the contents from 20+ categories including Breaking News, Life style, news, sports, technology, entertainment, etc.
It matches the results according to the location of its user, search history and social network activities. It allows user to turn on the notifications for news in their respective categories. 
UC News is free to use application and along with that it doesn't show any kind of ads pop-up in the application. 
That's why it is the best news application available in the world & there are more than 80 million monthly active users of UC News in India which makes it 20 percent of the global users. 
Many Indian news channels like Zee News, NDTV & Aaj Tak have started recommending UC News android application in their news channels .
India is a very important marketplace for UC Web & Ali group of companies so they are planning to introduce UC News in most of the regional languages in India.  Currently it is available in Hindi and English for Indian users.

Why to download UC News

Digital content consumption is more these days in this fast pace world, people are seeking for web resources rather than news papers & UC news is the best platform to present diverse contents to its users for free.  
It is a handy application which is easy to use and customise. User can select the topics in which he/she is interested and follow news contents of the desired topics. 
The contents of UC news loads very fast and save your data. You can also save news for reading them later, This feature is known as Offline mode. 
Users can disable images which will allow them to save mobile data. UC news allows users to view breaking news and trending topics related videos including cricket match highlights etc. 

Features Of UC News

Collects millions of stories from 100+ News Houses around the world and all news are categorised in 20+ categories including Breaking News, Lifestyle, Cricket, Entertainment, etc.
No advertisements 
It loads faster and saves your time
It gives best reading experince to its users and it is very handy and comfortable.
You can save news and can share it with your friends
Turn off image mode to save mobile data and load fast

Application Requirements

Any android device from Android version 4.0 ICS to latest Android version 7.0 nougat supports UC news. 
Users can run this application with or without internet, In offline mode you can read all saved news only. 
This application works on any type of internet connection but 3G is mostly preferred.  
 Size of application is less than 4MB & it won't take much of your android smartphone's space.


How to Install 

Download the application from the link provided below.
Turn on Unknown Sources in Settings> Security . Which will allow you to download non market application
Once downloaded click on the application and Install it on your smartphone. 
Setup News updates according to your location and what you like. 
Save trending keywords and start reading news.

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UC News : Trending News

UC News : Trending News

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