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UC Mini

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Developer: UCWeb Inc.

Version: 10.7.8

Size: 1.72 MB

Minimum SDK: Android 2.3



The internet is all about browsing. From browsing images to browsing about something knowledgeable. Your downloading speed varies with different browsers in your storage. Some come with different applications and features and some come with the fastest speed. Everyone relies on Google for everything, from downloading to searching and for many more things a single thing does a big task. UC Browser Mini is actually the smallest browser which does a lot more tasks.


UC browser is known for its smallest and compact design. UC browser is not just a browser but a fully new experience of browsing. UC browser mini comes with the smallest interface which is known for completing millions of task at a single time. UC Browser Mini is already apk form which means that it doesn't occupy a much larger room in the device. it has an intelligent feature which supports compression of data. All the data presentation of the browser compresses a large volume of data into smaller bits and makes the browser goes much faster than ever before. Various big websites try to give the experience which gives you the experience of the lifetime. These experiences use a lot of data to display. But with UC browser all of your data gets compressed with results in faster than ever serving. While surfing through the net, we go through many pops ads which may bring lots of malware to your phone or to your desktop which may prove to be harmful to your devices. With that UC browser, it got your back covered. it has a feature which blocks every pop adds which comes in your way while your surfing through something interesting, For a hustling free browsing it proves to be the best. UC browser only looks smaller but it isn't. There comes a time when your device's storage gets filled up with your stuff and it does not allow you to open anything. Then you have to delete some of your important stuff in order to keep the stuff you like. in that case too. UC browser got your back covered. It comes with a cloud which lets you store everything you want to from files you want to keep or some unwatched movies. It can store anything you want. it not just stores but also protects your files to get behind the bars of malware. Accessibility is easy also. You can log in into your account from everywhere with just a pass code and username. Along with accessibility interface and downloading gives much of a richer experience. With a user-friendly interface, downloading is super fast. With the feature of data compression. With UC browser Mini downloading is hyper fast. It also allows multi downloading and it also allows it, users, to download files in the background. For the adults, this browser is a true mate, now you can watch or surf your content without keeping a record of it. The incognito mode lets you hide your browser history. Everything you search will not add into your browser's history. And for the insomniacs, UC browser is a pro. It lets you watch and surf in the night light too without harming your eyes. The night mode allows you to watch videos and enjoy your stuff in the dim light.





UC browser is not just a browser but is a whole new experience of brow3sing into a tiny package. With user-friendly interface and navigations and fastest downloading and combat design, it has a lot more to offer.



  1. -Tiny size: which occupies the lesser room in your device’s stop?
  2. -Navigation Cards: get news and contents.
  3. -Faster Browsing: Super fast downloading with data compression
  4. -Smart downloading: faster downloading with multiple & background downloading
  5. -Incognito Browsing: Which does not saves up your history to your browser history.
  6. -Night mode: Surfing in the night with dim light with no harm to eyes.
  7. -Data Saving: It comes with a feature of data compression with lets you to save cellular data traffic
  8. -Ad blocker: Blocks pop ads which may bring malware
  9. -Cloud: Have 6 GB of cloud storage which can be accessed with usernames and pin codes.


How to download?



-Download the apk file of Uc Mini

- After downloading, with help of file manager, access your desired location.

-Open and install file

-after installation, Experience the new way of browsing.

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