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Developer: SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd

Version: 3.8.18_ww

Size: 5.56 MB

Minimum SDK: Android 2.2.x


Bluetooth, 1990's invention which made media transfers a lot easier. Searching for the particular one with different names, establishing connections and very battery-consuming times. Watching people getting irritated by this nerve breaking tasks, Lenovo took a stand and invented software which helps you to share an unlimited amount of data in no time, ShareIt. Before the introduction of Wi-Fi-direct reached masses, ShareIt itself crawled its own way to the masses and made its own fame. To know why is ShareIt making its way to the top? Download it now from

Why ShareIt?

ShareIt is introduced by the world's leading tech brand Lenovo in China in 2012. It made its own way to the top, justifying the name given to it and solely representing the main motive of the name. Sharing bytes of data through applications like WhatsApp and Viber can be nerve breaking task, especially when you are in low data connectivity zone. That's when ShareIt comes to action. ShareIt is itself a new experience of data sharing. It is the most hassle-free application which gives you excess to transfer files from one device to another without any internet connectivity, WI-FI or hassling wires. It became an instant hit because of its fastest than ever speed and is 40 times faster than any other data sharing applications. ShareIt in similar words is a one-stop destination to send or receive any kind of records whether is Mp3, Mp4, or any document. With ShareIt, you can send or receive file without any internet connection between 2 devices with ShareIt installed in them. The theory behind its faster and lightest speed is that it uses the idea of WI-Fi direct which tends to be 40 times faster than any media sharing application or even Bluetooth. Not only one file is transferred at once but a maximum number of files can be shared at once. With ShareIt you can transfer files between two Android smart phones or even you can transfer files between your pc and your Smartphone in the speed tested ever before. Transferring files in IOS devices can be difficult. Airdrop allows you only to transfer file between only 2 IOS devices only. But with ShareIt you can transfer files even between an Android and an IOS device. It allows you create 5 consecutive connections at once. The interface itself is too hassle-free. Straightforward navigation which help you to navigate through each an option in the application.

Is share it safe?


Yes, ShareIt is as safe as your account locker in your bank. Your received files get stored in your device's storage, not on cloud and it is totally secure to transfer or to receive files. Even, It contains a private section to keep your files to safe. And secure. Before connecting to other devices it always asks for your permission, your safety in your hands. Plus it has a column where you can check the history of data shared.


  1. -ShareIt not only mastered in transferring files. ShareIt comes along lots of amazing and cool features, which makes it mostly used and loved the application.
  2. -One Stop destination of sharing files at once, perfectly suitable for Android, IOS, and Windows easily in no time.
  3. -Usually 10 times faster than any other files transferring applications and even faster than Bluetooth.
  4. -ShareIt offers the large excess to its one of the best feature of Clone it. as the name suggests, Clone it gives you excess to clone everything from your contacts to your messages and even media in case you are changing your phone or device Clone it proves to be the best candidate there.
  5. -No hassling tangled wires for sharing of data. ShareIt is a new generation of sharing files WIRELESS.
  6. - Connection often fails and your paired device gets disconnected it automatically finds the r
  7. ecently connected devices in the range In the very short span of time it reconnects on its own.
  8. Transfers within 5 recipients synchronously.

How to use?

  To transfer your bytes of data in a few minutes, devices which have installed the ShareIt application have to keep their devices nearer to each other in order to stay connected with each other. After downloading the application, tap on send or receive according to your preferences. and select the files you want to send and tap on receiver's avatar .it's that simple. With 5 connections synchronously

How to Get Access?

  It's very comfy and trouble-free to even download this application. Android and Ios users can easily download from and Pc/Mac. Or just following these simple steps you can get easily excess to ShareIt.  
  1. -Download the APK file from,
  2. -Enable the access to download files from Unknown sources (Don't worry its absolutely safe)
  3. -With Access of file manager, install ShareIt.
  4. -Launch and Experience the new generation of files sharing.
  ShareIt not only justifies its name but tends to perform a lot more than features and functions which makes everyone a must download the application. With easy navigations and well-described categories, it only weighs less than 6 MBS. it is in APK form. Which means it does not occupy much room in your devices that which also means that it allows you to send or receive as many files as required without thinking about filling up much larger rooms in your devices. With 4.5 user ratings. ShareIt is loved and making its way to the top in order to share files in fastest speed than ever.      

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