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Viber | Viber APK For Android

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About Viber | Viber APK For Android

Communicating made easier with the introduction of a technology of applications which a toddler from a young busy adult understands.communication is crucial in order to stay connected with your friends and relatives.many alternatives of social communicating applications have many features rather than sending and receiving text messages. every app maker is pushing every possible task to give you the best of their services. the main motive behind the creation of these kinds of application is connecting people around the world over the internet. you will easily find many alternatives to social communicating applications over google play which gives accessibility to use few of their features individually there are only few which have many possible features of connecting with our friends who are over the seven seas or even next to your door. one of them is VIBER


Viber is the free messenger that keeps you connected to your friends and relatives all around the globe whether they are living in the seven seas or sitting next to you on the internet. not only texting you can share your photos and videos to your friends with Viber you can help your friend living Canada or somewhere around the globe to enjoy your friend's wedding you attended last week by sharing your videos and photos as texting is a type of non-verbal communication in which some emotions are left unsaid. which some stickers offered by VIBER You can easily express your emotions there is a lot more with Viber not only you can send text and share multimedia even you can make international calls over the internet absolutely free. now you don't have to worry about spending a lot of money over international calls just to ask their health. with Viber not just ask about their health, now tell your whole story over the international calls over an internet.viber also gives you acessibilty to let your emotions say with video chatting , video chattinng is made easier with viber

Why viber?

After reading the description mentioned above , hence i think you are somehow convinced why viber is a must have application on your smartphones. lets sum up all the features oto let viber answer it for itself.

-Free texting all around the globe.

-International calls all around the globe over internet

-Absolutely amazing stickers to express your emotions

-Absolutely free and clear video call

-Group chat amoung 250 people at once to manage a small get together.

-Send voice messages easily

-Instant video messages

- Secured communications which encrypts your chats

-Trusted contacts which also gets synced with your device's contact list.

- Delete a text message or voice message even after it was sent.

-Hidden chats secured with a passcode for some special contacts

How to use?

VIBER is as convienent as it's features are. its interface is comfy and easy to use, to get started with viber , you just follow the following features mentioned bellow

-Install the app from google play store or app store.

-Register yourself with your phone number or email id.

- verify your phone number with a verification code sent by viber team.

-It itself syncs your contacts from your phone's contact

-Put your best profile picture

-And you are ready to go..

Viber Messenger - Connecting over 800M people worldwide! Text, call, chat and share with anyone, anywhere!

Install Viber Now - Start Connecting!

-android requrired-Varies with devices

-size- Varies with devices

-current version- varies with devices

-user's star rating-4.3/5

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Viber | Viber APK For Android

Viber | Viber APK For Android

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