Poweramp Music Player | Download Poweramp APK Android apps Free Download

Poweramp Music Player | Download Poweramp APK

Poweramp Music Player | Download Poweramp APK

Download Poweramp Music Player Android !


About Poweramp Music Player | Download Poweramp APK

Poweramp Music Player

Today, smartphonesare your one stop for almost all types of entertainment. Be it browsing the web, playing games, watching movies or playing music, smartphones (and tablets) can do it all.Good hardware and a good battery life should be appreciated, smartphones can do almost everything which a portable computer (or notebook) can do. Because of that, people are switching over to smartphones and tablets for their simple computing needs. Sending emails, making video calls, and even sharing files, all this can be done with tablets and smartphones. Because of that, brands like LG and Samsung are coming up with their flagship devices that are taking over the internet by fire. Credits go to their fast tablets and smartphones like the V20, G6, and Galaxy S8 (and S8+). Anyway, when it comes to listening to music on Android phones, many Android devices are well equipped with a good music player. But, audiophiles barely find any interesting thing about the inbuilt music player with a custom equalizer.

So, Max MP (a group of developers) came with a solution to that, the Poweramp Music Player.

About Poweramp Music Player-

Poweramp Music Player is a music player for Android powered smartphones and tablets. It is regarded as the most powerful music player for Android, because of its savage features.Poweramp is not like your average music player, as it packs loads and loads of features and it even contains an entirely dedicated equalizer of its own. Thus, this makes the app a big favourite of the audio savvy people, because you all will get the best music experience with the advanced music equalizer that comes as a part of this app. Apart from that, since its release, the app has been downloaded more than 80 million times and it has received a lot of good reviews from a number of people. So, download the Poweramp Music Player for Android today!

Some features of Poweramp Music Player-

  • This music player plays almost every single type of music file. Be it mp3, mp4, wma, wav or evenaiff, Poweramp is powerful enough to play it all without an itch.
  • The advanced music equalizer boasts of up to 10 equalizer bands, along with the option to tune (set) the custom presets as well.
  • nBass and treble adjustment options are also there. So, when you are done with setting your favourite equalizer, improve the sound effects and clarity even more with this tuning.
  • The music player automatically detects the music files on your device and queues them up dynamically. You can either search for the music you wish to play or even start playing music randomly.
  • Music can be shuffled, repeated,or simply, played in a queue.
  • MusiXmatch option comes pre-loaded with the app, which allows the users to quickly search for the lyrics of any music.
  • There are custom visual themes, just to keep you entertained and make your in-app experience great.
  • Even the cover art has an animation effect to it. The OpenGL graphics library that comes as a part of this app adds effects to Poweramp Music Player

How to install Poweramp Music Player?

Once you have downloaded the music player app for your Android device, do the following to install the app (Android 4.0.4 and/or above)-

  • Save the downloaded .APK file to secured location. You will need a file manager to do that.
  • After that, go to Settings.
  • Open Security Settings.
  • There, tap onEnable Installation from Unknown Sources.
  • Open the location where the .APK file is saved and install it.
  • Once it has been installed, you can either launch it directly from the app tray or you may even create a home screen shortcut.

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Poweramp Music Player | Download Poweramp APK

Poweramp Music Player | Download Poweramp APK

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