Nova Launcher | Nova Launcher APK For Android Android apps Free Download

Nova Launcher | Nova Launcher APK For Android

Nova Launcher | Nova Launcher APK For Android

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About Nova Launcher | Nova Launcher APK For Android

Android is the most open sourced operating system, which can be found on more than 60% of the smart devices today. From smartphones to tablets, Android covers a wide scale of the ‘smart’ products genre.The stock Android experience is swift, bug free, and fast. Thus, Android has become one of the most reliable operating systems in the world, today. Talking of Android experience, there are a number of themes and launchers available for Android. These launchers are used to apply an interfaced theme which adds to the Android experience. Improvements in terms of quality,interface, accessibility, and performance can be noticed when a launcher is used. The answer to that is pretty simple, as not all the devices are well-optimized with/for a specific type of system software (or interface); thus, here is when a launcher comes to play.

Talking of launchers, Nova Launcher is one such great launcher for Android that has been for quite a time now, and it has proven to be a huge step up in terms of Android theme launchers.

About Nova Launcher-

If you talk of a launcher which embraces a full material design (throughout), Nova Launcher is what you need. Since Android is said to be the most resilient operating system in the world, its launchers are no less.Nova Launcher is the most customizable, performance oriented launcher for Android. It was launched as a mere project a few years ago, and today, it has proven to be the best launcher available on any operating system. It allows you to build your own home screen, which is fully customizable. You can change icons, add different sorts of layouts, animations, app trays, and even change the appearance of the entire system using Nova Launcher. The launcher has been praised by many, and it has even been critically acclaimed (widely). Reviewers like Android Police, Android Central and CNET have given Nova Launcher a good score and since its release, the app has been downloaded and used by more than 250 million people.

Download your version of Nova Launcher today! (Compatible with both, Android smartphones and tablets).

Features of Nova Launcher-

  • Nova Launcher is the most in-depth detailed launcher for Android, which makes sure that every single element associated with the launcher is customizable. From wallpapers to icons,from app tray to home screen, every other thing related to Nova is customizable. As per the creators, Nova Launcher provides the most customizable Android experience.
  • The gridding system for Nova is the best in class, since there is a lot of ways to grid in the icons and widgets, making space available for other icons and shortcuts.
  • Backgrounds, folders and labels can be customized and their colours can be customized as well. You can also customize the app drawer along with the widget drawer as well.
  • It even has an infinite scroll option which is accelerated scrolling. This saves energy as your do not have keep scrolling constantly.
  • It is quite fast and very reliable. It is highly optimized to work quietly and with minimalistic effort.All this provides you an Android experience you will never forget.
  • There also is a purchasable Nova Prime Launcher, which has some add-on features like gesture control, hiding apps, icon swipes and scroll effects. Thus, the app/launcher is the best Android launcher, so download it today!

How to install Nova Launcher?

  • First, you need to download the .APK file online. Be sure to save it to a safe location on your device.
  • Then, go to Settings > Security Settings >Tap on Enable Installation from Unknown Sources to enable it.
  • Using a file manager tool, access the download location and tap on the .APK file for Snapseed.
  • Tap on install. You can also create a home screen shortcut for the launcher for easier accessibility.

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Nova Launcher | Nova Launcher APK For Android

Nova Launcher | Nova Launcher APK For Android

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